Maxwell White Marble Round Top W/ Black Metal and Wood Pedestal Base Dining Table

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The Maxwell is a round Marble and Wood Dining Table based on modern and contemporary design styles.

  • Maxwell's Measurements

    Featuring a top that measures 48" in diameter, the Maxwell comfortably caters to a party of four and guarantees a fun and welcoming dining experience. 

  • Marble + Wooden Construction

    This stylish and modern dining table has a sleek marbled top which tastefully contrasts to its iron finishes and wooded pedestal. 

  • Premium Marble Top

    The Maxwell features a premium white marbled top, which is smooth to the touch and is guaranteed to elevate your dining room with its clean aesthetic and visuals. 

  • Tapering Wooden Pedestal

    Maxwell's beautiful marble countertop is braced by a unique tapering pedestal made of solid wood that is smooth to the touch. 

  • Modern Inspired

    The Maxwell dining table combines marble and smooth wood to perfectly align with mid-century modern designs that will elevate your dining space.