Moseley 45x30 Gray Glass Top Solid Wood 4 Drawer Coffee Table

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  • 29.9" Long Rectangular Coffee Table

    The Moseley is a rectangular coffee table measuring 45.1"L x 29.9"W x 15.2"H. 

  • Curved Structure

    This wooden coffee table has a curved waterfall structure complete with four glass-top inlays, four drawers and a useful bottom shelf. 

  • Gray Finish

    Everything about the Mosely table is elegant, from its soft, painted gray finish to the carved, geometric pattern on its body. 

  • Convenient Storage

    Its four drawers and lower bottom shelf are perfect for tidying-away living room paraphernalia and keeping everyday essentials within reach. 

  • Enduringly Elegant

    This table mixes effortlessly into sophisticated interiors and is the perfect way to add grown-up allure to a space.