Reinhardt 36" Round Glass Top Marble Shelf Gold Metal Base Coffee Table

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A glass coffee table with curved, metal supports and a suspended, marble shelf

  • 36.0" Round Coffee Table

    Measuring 36.0"L x 36.0"W x 16.0"H, and with no corners to get in the way, this round coffee table is ideal for spaces where rectangles just won't work. 

  • Marble, Metal and Glass

    This coffee table features a thick, beveled glass top with curved, iron supports that hold a round, marble shelf suspended in the center. 

  • White and Gold

    The white marble shelf has creamy undertones with gray and beige veining throughout, while the iron base features a beautiful, antique gold finish. *Marble is a natural material. Each piece has its own beautiful intricacies, and some may carry naturally occurring fissures. Please expect variations in color and texture. 

  • Airy Aesthetic

    With an airy glass top and metal frame, this piece won't take up too much visual weight in a room. 

  • Art Deco Elegance

    The combination of metal, marble, and glass speaks to the anti-traditional elegance of the 1920's and is the perfect way to add a touch of visual drama and swank to a space.